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FO 25/08 - Jersey with a soft bow

The last FO in 2008 - a nice number 25. If I would not have started to sew I might have produced a little bit more in this section. But I am happy as it is :-)

This little jersey is from the "A Stitch in Time" book and although the modern patterns are moderately changed if changed at all I used the original as I prefer my vintage knits as vintage as possible. During this year I really changed from knitting to vintage knitting (and partly vintage sewing) I did not expect this change which also alter the way I dress now - I used to put on some Jeans and a Tee in the morning although I did not feel comfortable in it. Now I go for skirts and all my little knits; what should they wait for sitting in my wardrobe? Special occasions? A mother's life is not that fully packed with those ...

And did you know? This change also made me less frustrated when thinking about my age ;-) I think at last I got over my crisis, somehow. I could look worse and I could feel worse so let's be happy with the way it is. (Ok, still working on it)

But what about the FO? Here it is: made of Rowan Pure Wool 4 ply in Eau de Nile with only one alteration - I made it a bit smaller than the pattern called for because I was sure that my lace part would stretch a lot. Which it did.




And a quick note concerning the dress: It shrinked a little bit when dried but still was way too big now. As soon as I find the time and the lust I will open all the seams and try to cut it once more - I also bought the pattern again in size 8 for the top and really hope that it will be possible to cut the 8 out of this deformed 10. If it won't work I guess I will just make a skirt out of it because I really really love this fabric - not its behaviour, though.

I will try to wash the fabric before cutting in the future but I did that with others and they all looked very crumpled and I guess I would have to sew the corners to secure them (gosh how to explain that in English, I do not know - sorry for that).

Thanks for your advice and comfort, I was really down and you guys picked me up. Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a lot of nice things under the Christmas tree!

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Aktuelle Kommentare

Das weiße Kleid
ist nach Butterick 4443 genäht. Sieht auf dem Cover...
michou - 4. Jun, 15:52
Das erste und vor allem...
Das erste und vor allem das letzte Kleid! Wahnsinn!...
florenca - 4. Jun, 12:38
:-D Du doof Nuss :-X
Ist es nicht seltsam: kaum lese ich, dass DU Bammel...
michou - 1. Jun, 17:54
huhu :)
hi wie geht es dir. es geht bergauf, wie ich so lesen...
eva (Gast) - 31. Mai, 20:44
nö, habe ich nicht
das Buch meine ich. Aber ich werde mir irgednetwas...
joanna (Gast) - 18. Mai, 17:57
Trinny und Susannah
liebe ich ja auch sehr :-) Hast du dir das Body shape-Buch...
michou - 18. Mai, 11:39
Hüfte? Breit?!
schau Dir meine an :P (ich weiß - typisches Frauengerede,...
joanna (Gast) - 16. Mai, 22:33
Liebe Michou, ich verstehe...
Liebe Michou, ich verstehe überhaupt nicht was Du hast...
Martina (Gast) - 16. Mai, 14:41
Hast recht
- genau wie Eva und Mandy. Mich stört einfach, dass...
michou - 15. Mai, 10:51
Ups ...
Seit wann wirst du denn 41??? Das hatte ich doch ganz...
michou - 15. Mai, 10:37
41, 42
- da ist ja nun kein Unterschied :-) Und mir geht es...
michou - 15. Mai, 10:33
Hallo, ich hatte Glück,...
Hallo, ich hatte Glück, Dein Post war schon fertig...
Gaby (Gast) - 14. Mai, 18:11
Mir gefallen ALLE Deine Kleider, Roecke, Pullis und...
SmashingPuffin (Gast) - 14. Mai, 18:03
Ich wollte gerade sagen,...
Ich wollte gerade sagen, der Rest war doch vorhin noch...
Eva (Gast) - 14. Mai, 16:13
Ich erkenne mich aber...
Ich erkenne mich aber so was von genau wieder - nur...
Eva (Gast) - 14. Mai, 14:50

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